• Experience the Sahara

    Experience the Sahara

    Your hotel and guide in Merzouga

Let us take you on camel back into the depths of the Saharan dunes where you can sleep under the stars in our traditional Berber tents, eat traditional Berber food and fall asleep to the sound of ancient desert music.

Or go alone and make the forty to sixty minute hike from our hotel to the top of the highest dune, “le Grand Dune”, and let the Saharan sunset take your breath away.

Hotel Dar Gamra

Set on the footsteps of the famous Merzouga dunes, Hotel Dra Gamra is the perfect place to spend your desert trip with the famous Berner hospitality of Ali and his family

Experience all the tranquility and calm that the Berber tradition has to offer you inside Ali's rustic family owned guesthouse, with the beauty of the Sahara literlally on your doorstep

Enjoy your breakfast, dinner and copious amounts of Moroccan tea in our spacious lounge or on our rooftop terrace overlooking the seeminly endless Saharan dunes

Let us take care of your every need


Enjoy the tranquility of the desert with your private room

Prices for room

  • One person one night without food - €13.50
  • One Person one night with breakfast and dinner - €27
  • Two people one night without food - €22.50
  • Two people one night with breakfast and dinner - €45

Desert excursions

Thread off the beaten path and watch the sunset over Sharan dunes

Marrakech and Fez to Desert Tours

Three days with desert trek with camels, collected from airport in Marrakech or Fez is €225 per person, including accomodation, transport, and breakfast and dinner each day

  • Four people - €225 per person
  • Three people - €275 per person
  • Two people - €350 per person


What You Can Do

  • Le Grand Dune

    Le Grand Dune

    From our roof-top terrace you can see the summit of the Moroccan sands – “Le Grande Dune”.

    Go with our guides, or make the forty to sixty minute hike alone. Relax on the summit and watch the sun set over the golden dunes, as the horizon stretches far beyond into the endless miles of the Algerian Sahara.

    Alternatively, get up at cock-crow where the early morning sun will allow you to capture breath-taking photos of the golden sun-drenched dunes contrasting with the black of the shaded slopes of sand.

  • The Lake of Flamingoes

    The Lake of Flamingoes

    Let us organise the short 3 km trip to see hundreds of pink flamingos at “Lac Dayet Srij” where the waters of the lake appear to miraculously turn the yellow landscape to green. A short hike in winter, or perhaps a 4x4 trip when the desert temperatures begin to peak, you’ll be amazed to see, just three kilometres from the golden dunes, green hills giving way to a shallow lake, home to a colony of thousands of pink flamingos.
  • Desert Excursions

    Desert Excursions

    Our experienced Berber guides will saddle up our camels and guide you on your excursion into the depths of the desert dunes, where you can sleep under the stars in our traditional Berber tents.

    Watch the sunset from the dunes, before feasting on traditional Berber food and mint tea, before retiring to your traditional tent for the night to the backdrop of ancient desert music.

  • Ancient Gnawa Village and Music

    Ancient Gnawa Village and Music

    Visit one of the Sahara’s best kept secrets – the Gnawa people and their ancient culture and music. The Gnoua originally hailed from sub-Saharan Africa. However, having had ancient business and political links with the Sahara, a number of small Gnawa settlements planted roots in the desert, keeping with them their many of their sub-Saharan traditions, most notably their music. The Gnawa village of Khamlia is just five kilometres from Merzouga. We can take you there by car for an afternoon’s musical entertainment in the home of our Gnawa friends. Or upon request, let us invite a group of Gnawa musicians to entertain you at Dar Gamra before or after your evening meal.
  • Off the beaten track

    Off the beaten track

    Like to go further afield? We can organise a 4x4 to take you to the remote village of Ramlia, 50 kms from Merzouga, to see Moroccan desert life, virtually untouched by tourism. Here, you’ll see the ancient ways of life, as practiced by our mothers and fathers, where goats, sheep and camels are the mainstay of economic survival. Make a return day-trip, or spend the evening and return the next day.


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Stephen Ireland

"I arrived in Merzouga on my bike and went to Hotel Dar Gamra on the advice of a backpacker I met in Marrakesh. I planned to stay for two days and ended up there for almost two weeks."

Brad USA

"Ali and his family are awesome. We couldn't have asked for a better host. He took care of everything, and nothing was too much trouble."

Edwige France

"We loved the food in Hotel Dar Gamra. Ali is a fantastic chef. He makes the best tajines we have had in Morocco."

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